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Associação Brasileira de Criadores de Cavalos Crioulos
Associação Brasileira de Criadores de Cavalos Crioulos

The Crioulo horse, paleteada, Photo © ABCCC

Criadore de Cavalos Crioulos

The Crioulo horse (Brazil)

The Crioulo horse, Photo © ABCCCThe home of the Crioulo breed is the south of Brazil, near the border with Uruguay. They are raised in the Rio Grande do Sul region.

The Crioulo is a variety of the Latin American creole breed, and like the other horses of the continent, it is the product of a cross between African (mostly Arabian) and European breeds.

For the Crioulo horse of Brazil, the mixture of the two origins is balanced. It has inherited from the Arabian its size, as it rarely passes 15 hands, its short, angular head with a convex or straight profile, its short, well separated ears, its rounded hindquarters and its active temperment. Its European ancester has added an abundant mane, its small yet strong aspect, and its tranquility.

In fact, its descendance from the Barbe horse is quite evident.

Characteristics of the Crioulo breed

Breed Crioulo
Origin Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
Height at the withers 13 ¾ hands to 15 hands (1,38 to 1,50 m)
Build Middle length. Compact body, strong legs and hindquarters.
Colors All varieties
Character Calm and alert
Capacity Saddle horse, voyages, long distance travelling, livestock work.
Qualities Resistant
Head Short. Straight profile, sometimes slightly convex or concave. Lower jaws well defined. Large forehead, wide, short face.
Neck Well attached, wide, strong and muscular. Abundant mane.
Body Withers sometimes promient, lumbar-dorsal line short and straight, strong, rounded hindquarters, long tail attached high.
Shoulder Sloped and muscular
Chest Deep, large and muscular
Legs Solid and well structured, short hocks. The hoof is black and resistant.
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